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Image by Yuvraj Singh

Protect Your Vehicle with Window Tint 

Classical Touch Detailing offers top-notch window tinting designed to give you the privacy and protection you need while keeping your vehicle stylish. We provide the best window tinting services to protect your vehicle from UV rays and other environmental effects.


Protection from the elements

Window tinting is vital because it protects your vehicle from the heat and UV rays of the sun. It also decreases interior fading and helps to keep your car's interior cooler by reducing glare from the sun.


Unmatched Quality & Durability

The window tint being used is some of the best offered on the market. In addition, it's scratch-resistant and has a 99% UV rejection rate.


A Professional Touch

Our experienced team has years of experience providing high-quality detailing services for cars, vans, trucks, boats, and more. Classical Touch Detailing sends every vehicle through a final inspection before delivery to a customer to ensure an “As-close-to-perfect” finish. 

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