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  • Does it cost me anything to book my appointment?
    Not at all! Our consultation appointments are completely free of charge and payment is not due until after service is complete!
  • Is there any advantage of Ceramic Coating over regular wax?
    Yes! Our Ceramic Coating package will include a 2 step paint correction. That entails a medium cut to help remove some of those lighter scratches and swirl marks and then a fine finishing polish to bring out that glossy finish! (We estimate a 2 step paint correction to remove 60% - 75% of vehicle scratching. Each vehicle will vary individually) We also offer a third cutting option which will help even more with the paint restoration! Finally, we apply either System-X MAX (10 year warranty) or System-X Pro (6 year warranty) to your vehicle. This will add protection on top of your clear coat that is more scratch resistant and leaves that glossy finish for years (With regularly scheduled maintenance washes). A wax offers little to no paint correction and only helps what is already there. A wax usually lasts about one to three months and offers no additional protection to your actual paint!
  • Do I need to set an appointment for my vehicle or can I call the day I need my vehicle done?
    An appointment is necessary to get your vehicle cleaned. Depending on the services needed to meet your expectations, the time required can vary. In order to give our fullest attention to your vehicle, having an appointment allows us that opportunity.
  • How long does a detail take?
    The time a detail takes varies depending on the services needed. We will always discuss what you’re wanting and what will be required to accomplish that particular detail.
  • Do you offer pick-up and delivery?
    We do offer pick-up and delivery within a 15 mile radius of our shop. There is no charge for the pick up and delivery. We are also insured to drive vehicles to and from our shop.
  • Will there be any brushes used while washing my vehicle?
    Absolutely not! We know how much you value your vehicle. That’s why we only use a hand mitt as well as a 2-bucket wash system with grit guards in each bucket.
  • Does it hurt my vehicle to run it through a car wash every now and then?
    Picture this: You're stopped at a traffic light. Take a glance at the cars around you, all the dirty vehicles. Everything you see and don't see on those vehicles is left behind in those car washes. Imagine all of that on those brushes and/or cloth materials that's rubbing against your car. When the aggressive soap is added to the mix, it equals disaster for your paint surfaces over time.

Our Story

Loving and doing what you love are two critical things in life. One might even say they are essential things in life. When you wake up, you want to look forward to whatever you set out to do that day. When you go to the doctor or your dentist, or even when you go through a drive-thru at a fast food restaurant, don’t you want to be greeted by someone that loves what they’re doing? What about when you want to clean your car? Shouldn’t that be the same?

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