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Car or Sedan

Small SUV or Truck

Large SUV, Truck, or Van

All of our ceramic packages come standard with the best detail care. We use the Two-Bucket hand wash method, paired with a clay bar and chemical paint decontamination.

We follow this with a 2-step paint correction and System X Pro applied to all paint surfaces, headlights, and tail lights. We then will register the warranty through System X and add the Ceramic Coating onto your vehicle's CarFax report.

For an additional $400 charge, you can upgrade to System X MAX product, providing you with a ten-year warranty overall*.

Our Interior Ceramic package starts at $400. This includes a full interior detail, all fabric areas protected with a hydrophobic sealant, and all leather and vinyl surfaces will have a leather conditioner and sealant applied to help prevent dye transfer, fading, and cracking. Prices will vary depending on Interior size and condition. *Warranty information provided upon request.

All wet sanding, scratch removal and any other paint corrections not mentioned in pricing will have to be determined after inspection of vehicle and an agreement from the owner on the expected results.

We offer a free consultation appointment to all customers. If you have questions or concerns and want to meet with us to look over your car or craft and help guide you, you can book your free consultation today!

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